Friday, June 21, 2013

Prince Vlad

It’s not a secret that I love tea.  I’m really not too picky either.  I have yet to meet a tea that I didn't like.  To quote the nice gentleman that owns the British shop with a Tea Room in the back, “it doesn't matter the type, I just like a good cuppa.”  I don’t add sugar or milk.  I take it “black”.  I’m a member of where I update my cupboard regularly and add tasting notes to some of the teas I have tried. 

Kusmi’s ‘Prince Wladimir’ (pronounced like Vladimir). 
I wish I could say that I read some amazing reviews for this one which compelled me to try it myself. While it did have many great reviews, that’s not what did it for me. As superficial and odd it may sound… it was the name. Make a tea and give it a name that instantly brings Vlad the Impaler to mind, and you won yourself a customer in me. The official description of it states that it is a “Russian blend of China teas with scents of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, vanilla and spices”. The bergamot REALLY comes through, as do the citrus tastes. That flavor variety really only means one thing…it tastes like Earl Grey. I don’t think these French people know what Earl Grey tastes like or else they would have named this one Earl Grey. I’ve tried their version Earl Grey. It doesn’t taste like Earl Grey. This is still one of my favorite teas, but I’m an Earl Grey fan and that’s what my tasted buds think they’re drinking. This company gets a lot of points in presentation, though. Their tea bags have the label sewn on with thread connecting it to the gauze-like pouch. It’s a pricey tea to buy a whole box of it just to try, so it’s best to request this as a gift – just as I did. Thanks dear husband! Or should I thank Santa? o_O

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