Sunday, June 23, 2013

China Green

My favorite Thai food restaurant can be found in Miami, which is an inconvenient 40 minute drive. Because of this my husband and myself usually make a day out of it by visiting shopping centers and other locations in Miami before finally stopping here for lunch or dinner.  I always order the green tea with my dinner and finish my dining experience with green tea ice cream (most Asian buffets have this ice cream so if you want to try it I would recommend doing so at a buffet where you can always just get something else if you don't like it).  The label on the tea bag doesn't have a name on it - at least not in English, but it has this green butterfly.  I decided that I would hunt for this butterfly the next time I was at an Asian supermarket.  So hunt I did, up and down the long island of tea, my eyes glancing at all the boxes, in search of this illusive butterfly.  Upon my 3rd voyage down the aisle my frustration got the best of me and I just grabbed the first green tea box I could find, no longer wanting to be bothered looking for the stupid butterfly, before I got too annoyed.  When I got home and placed the box on my kitchen counter, I saw the butterfly emblem right smack-dab on the side of the box.  I immediately face palmed myself .  After all the searching I did, I accidentally picked the one I had been looking for.

Not only is it economically just - 100 bags for about $2 - it is also delicious.  There's something more honest about the taste of this tea.  Something that a lot of the other more expensive and posh brands usually mask with jasmine or fruity flavors.  You know that this is as authentic as bagged green tea can get upon first sip.  Ever since I first laid eyes on this butterfly, I have been noticing it at more and more Asian restaurants.  I would prefer to be naive and say that it's not because it's so cheap, but because they're on to something.  Something that I now have in my tea cupboard.  

If you wanted to try this, it shouldn't be as hard for you.  I recently saw that the Asian supermarket right by the Thai restaurant also sells this tea.  Just look for the big green box.  Cheers!

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