Friday, June 21, 2013


Darjeeling is one of those teas that you can sometimes hear whispered about in things such as anime.  It's the perfect desert tea.  Which can also make it a tea party favorite!  Whether you're a 5 year old girl in over-sized frilly dresses drinking with your favorite stuffed animals or a Gothic Lolita extraordinaire, this is the perfect companion to your adorable mini-desert cakes.  I'm not ashamed to admit that me and my 20-something year old girlfriends have recently partaken in a tea party.  We all wore kimono's since it was easier than putting together a gaudy Victorian-era look.  And this tea was the hit of the party.  It's light so it's easy for people who aren't tea-lovers to enjoy this one.  I always have the Twinings darjeeling in my tea cupboard.  I even bought a separate box to keep at my in-laws house so that after dinner I can brew a cup of this for my husband and myself.  But then my father-in-law tried it one night when we weren't there and ended up drinking it all before the next family fathering.  It is THAT good.  A lot of people will try to sweeten this one since it's more of a desert tea, but as I've stated before, I absolutely hate sweet tea.  I would rather drink cyanide.  No, seriously, I would.  Why mask something that tastes so perfect?  That goes for all teas.  So many teas are carefully balanced to create the perfect flavor that you then purchase.  Why cover that up with sugar or worse - artificial sweeteners?  Next time, after a nice dinner, brew a cup of this while you enjoy desert or just by itself.  You'll thank me later.  Cheers!

The luck arches the closing ozone.

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  1. Such a great dessert tea that is a great compliment to any sweet treat.