Tuesday, June 18, 2013


(I love the fact that it has the price in pounds on it.)

I was emailed last night by a friend who stated that they were waiting for me to become a full transformed Brit. The most ironic thing about what the email said about me turning British, is that I was at an English pub last night. A menu filled with bangers and mash, fish and chips, meat pies, curry, UK brews, and an atmosphere surrounding me with Union Jacks as far as the eye can see. I enjoyed a proper cuppa made by a woman from the UK herself. Games of cricket (the dart game) went on nearby played by men speaking German. I was completely swept away from America and dropped off in Europe. And I loved it. The added bonus of this establishment? They have a mini-shop where you can by British goods. Amongst the Quavers and candy bars I purchased, was a box of tea. Typhoo. Much similar to PG Tips and Yorkshire (the 2 main teas that duke it out for the #1 tea in the UK), the only difference is this one is slightly lighter. This is a proper cuppa. That cup of brown joy that is excellent at any time of the day. Relaxingly dark, and delectably strong. I believe if you live in the states you may only be able to find this one in specialty British stores. I have purchased PG Tips and Yorkshire from Publix and Walmart, but I have never seen this one NOT in a British shop. Googling a British shop near you may be the best thing for a tea lover. I've found so many teas that you don't find everyday at the local British shop. It saves you from having to order online and if you're a picky tea drinker, then you can get some guidance as to which ones are right for you. The one by me (picture below) is run by a sweet British couple and the husband has the same view on tea as me - that being that they love all hot tea.

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