Sunday, June 16, 2013

Safari Breakfast

I recently went into a Fresh Market that stopped carrying the tea I went there for and started carrying this.  I had to get it.  Safari Breakfast?  So many thoughts came to mind just from reading that name.  Am I going to need this before facing any lions I may happen to come across throughout the day?  Or is it recommended to drink this before and perhaps even during a game a Jamanji?  It's part of the Harney & Sons brand which I found promising.  I usually love everything they have and I've yet to meet a breakfast tea I didn't enjoy, so I purchased it.  Since my tea cupboard overflows, I keep the more decorative tins out on display.  Usually not many people ever ask me about the displayed teas because they have names like "earl grey" or "cherry blossom green tea" or even "English breakfast" which are all pretty basic sounding names and people can imagine what they taste like on their own without my help.  This tea, however, and its unique and adventurous name never ceases to get an inquiry.  I can't blame them, the name was what first drew me in, too.

The smell of this one is nice and rich.  Promises of a comforting tea fill your nose and you know that you're going to love this one -  that is if you love breakfast teas.  And the beautiful gold color that splashes into your glass as you pour your hot water over it make your mouth water.  With boiling water, this one isn't to be steeped for too long.  After about 5 minutes, it starts to get that thick feeling that black teas can get when they are very rich.  So be sure to take that bag out after a few minutes.  Then just simply sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for the adventure of a safari.  (Or just read a good book while listening to "Afrika" by Toto.)

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