Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tea Nation Earl Grey

Yarrrr me mateys!  Okay, I may have taken the fact that there's a pirate ship on the canister a little too seriously.  Big whoop.

What do me likey more than tea?  Tea on sale!  What's better than tea on sale?  Tea as gifts!  Yep, people sometimes pay homage to me in the form of the earthy goodness of the tea leaf.  Can't complain.  I figured I earn it by being me.

This tea?  It's pretty good Earl Grey.  Cheap (if you have to buy it yourself), 50 in a canister, and better than your typical cheaper Earl Grey.

What is a "typical cheaper Earl Grey" you ask?  Why, that's when the bergamot is very faint.  Some Earl Greys, the cheaper ones, you can't even taste the Earl Grey.  So the fact that this one is still very pleasing to the bergamot fans is saying something.

It comes in a stringless tea bag, but I don't find that it gets too strong if you leave it in the entire time you're enjoying it, so no need to break out the tea tongs like in the my last blog post.

The canister has a whole bunch of words on it once you turn it around.  They call it a Ceylon tea.  Which is to say that this black tea is grown in Sri Lanka which was once called Ceylon.  Ceylon tea is usually bolder in taste than your average black tea.  You can definitely taste that in this one.  It's bolder than Twinings Earl Grey.

It also boasts a few things on the canister (what is it with tea in canisters that make the company have to brag about so much).  Blah, blah, eco friendly, blah, blah, zero carbs, blah, blah, gluten free, blah, blah, no trans fats, blah, blah, give me a break.

Now, I've have a LOT of teas and I don't remember seeing that any of them had carbs, gluten, or trans fat so it just seems like they're advertising to people that aren't huge tea buffs but are looking for healthier alternatives to sugary drinks.  Seems to be the only reason to showcase these tidbits.  But who knows, I'm not a dietitian or an advertiser, so what do I know.  I just like a good cuppa.

You can find this one as grocery stores like Winn-Dixie.  Cheers!

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  1. Cheap or expensive, earl gray is not for me. A tea high in fat?! Sign me up!