Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Twinings French Vanilla Chai

Oh Chai.  We have a love hate relationship.  But not in a way that means I never don't enjoy your taste.  This is more of a 'I love to have you when it's cold outside and hate how you remind me when it's hot outside' kind of deal.  Me being a Florida girl, that happens quite often.

Chai has always been one of those teas that as soon as it starts getting a tad bit nippy out, I go reaching for it.  Previously, my tea cupboard only had Pumpkin Spice Chai and Chai decaf.  I was looking for a couple of teas I was running low on at my local grocery store when I saw this one.  The Chai flavors circulate throughout the year at my local grocer and this one, while I had seen it previously, just began its rounds again on the shelves.  Seeing as they didn't have the teas I was looking for, I decided I deserved a consolation prize.

My husband hates chai.  Absolutely, don't bring it near him, don't offer it to him, hates it.  So when I brewed this Sunday afternoon while we were waiting for our eyeballs to calm down after our optometrist dilated them, I decided to make him smell it.  He liked the smell, so I told him to try it.  

And he liked it.

Chai blends well with certain flavors better than others.  And as it turns out, vanilla is definitely one of those things. 

Chai is a deliciously spicy (like cinnamon spicy, not Tabasco spicy) that tastes like the delights of the holidays.  The vanilla is subtle but still strong enough to be recognized and enjoyed.  You just know that it would taste delicious with gingerbread, and other spicy treats.  

It has its own sweet flavor but not overly so or else I wouldn't be able to stomach it.

So if you live somewhere that's currently cold, then this is the tea for you.  If you live somewhere hot like me, then turn the ac down, put the fans on full blast, and let this tea make you feel like its a blizzard out there!


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